Frequently Asked Questions

No, the one you see on our website is not. It’s a walk-in-SPA. We do, however, have a walk-in-tub. The difference is, the tub does nothing but hold water. The SPA has the benefits of the moving water (therapy) with ONLY a two-inch step. The lowest step in the industry.

You don’t, but the benefits are amazing. Also, if you’re using your Spa regularly, you won’t have to use soap on your body. If you do use soap, please do not use the jets! Also, with regular use of Dead Sea Salt, there is no need to clean the inside of the Spa.

Every ad you’ve seen is an older person in a tub. The marketing has been all wrong. Starting with calling the other products “walk-in”. They have a step-up, but call themselves walk-in. We’re installing for many young athletes.

Every year we donate a “Tub or Spa” to a child with challenges. This depends on what the family feels is the best fit. We’re also in the process of designing bathrooms for children with challenges. Why leave them out? Everyone can benefit from moving water.

No, but for a few dollars more and many more benefits, we include everything in your price.

We just shipped two spas to one of our builders. They were shipped together to the same address, which saved the builder over $200.00 a spa. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

We provide a full TEN YEAR warranty on spa and parts that we install.

Our spas drain quickly, taking only 2 to 3 minutes, depending on your plumbing access.

After the spa has drained, there will be a loud noise and the system will clean itself. In addition, using Dead Sea salt in your spa cleans the pipes around the spa as well as the spa itself.

Yes, every spa comes with a “hand-held” shower. A rain head shower can be ordered in our 801 package.

Definitely not recommended. With the power the air and water jets produce, you might fill your entire bathroom with bubbles.

Yes, we recommend Dead Sea salt. Dead Sea salt has wonderful anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties.

Water is for Hydrotherapy. Light button is for Chromotherapy. Air is for so many skin benefits, too many to mention. We receive testimonies everyday from customers with new benefits.

Spas can be installed in your home, lake house, hunting lodge, cabin, pool house, house boat, yacht or other areas.

Please let us know how we can help you help your “CLIENTS”.

Happy building/remodeling!

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